7 Things To Do Before Moving Day

Friends gathering after moving day in Norwalk

7 Things To Do Before Moving Day

For many of us, moving day can be a hassle. After a lengthy period of searching, applying, and patiently waiting, we’re ecstatic at the prospect of entering a new phase in our lives. However, despite our excitement, we’re all too aware of the underlying stress that comes with any major transition. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some things to do before the move, to get you out of the old and into the new with less headache.

Reach Out to the Leasing Team

The Leasing Team is here to help you along the way. Be sure to ask questions and know where to park the moving truck. If you have any service requests, the maintenance team is available and will respond to emergencies 24/7. Similarly, contact us to confirm move-in-date, payment methods, and anything else that may be on your checklist.

You should also notify your current apartment management team that you will be moving out. It’s helpful to start a checklist that should include: Your new address, start/stop services (utilities, cable, internet, etc), supplies (tape, boxes, packing material), and whatever else that you may need for the move.

Renter’s Insurance

Ensure that your renters’ insurance is updated or remember to set it up for your new apartment. In addition to securing your peace of mind, renter’s insurance often covers fires, floods, natural disasters, theft, and most other things that we hope will never go wrong. Even if everything goes smoothly, it only takes one time to lose big. With some costs as little as $5 a month, it’s an investment worth making. You could regret it if you don’t.

Set-up Utilities

Your gas and electric will need to be set up in your name from the day your lease begins. Proof of accounts should be provided to the property management team within a week of moving in. Many of these details will be spelled out in your lease agreement. However, should you have any questions, please feel free to call us directly at (203)-855-1500

Should you ignore the call of adulthood, you may just find yourself in a new home with no light, no gas, and (worst of all) no WiFi. Set-up these accounts and ensure they’re in good standing before move-in day.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Address

Unless you want to sit around for weeks, wondering why no one knows where to reach you. Additionally, there’s no certainty that the new occupants of your old home will have any interest in preserving your mail. Even if they do, why disturb them if you don’t have to? From credit cards to bank accounts, student loans, or simple subscriptions, this can be a time-saving preemptive step that’ll keep your moving train on-track.

We offer a service called Updater, where you can easily update your new address, credit cards, and more. It’s simple, easy, and fast. Further information on the service will be provided in your Lease Agreement.

If you prefer not to use Updater you can easily change your address at the USPS website or any of their operating locations.

Clean Your Old Apartment

Politeness aside, this is just good practice. It’s always best to leave things how you found them and as few problems as possible behind. Take a bit of time, post-packing and loading, to give your old home a once over. Vacuum, sweep, account for any damage and inform your former management team that you’ve done so. Not only will they be pleased, but you’ll increase the chances of getting back your full deposit.

Inspect Your New Apartment

Even if you’re moving into a newly built luxury-style apartment, taking the time to inspect your new home before you move in will allow you to point out any issues you find. It may go against instinct, but we LOVE when you do this. Not only does it allow us the opportunity to address your needs and concerns, but it will do wonders for your peace of mind and establishing the ever-important line of communication.

Explore Your New Community

There are few better feelings than finding a new home. To double down on the adventure and excitement, try spending some quality time with your neighborhood to be. Visit monuments and attractions. Stop by some local events. Eat at a neighborhood mainstay. Immerse yourself in the culture. Find things that you love and invite friends and family to join. Whether it’s Junction Beer Garden, local shops, or fine dining it’s always good to hit the ground running with a list of activities that you’ll enjoy.

At the end of the day, every big move ushers in a new version of yourself. One unbound by the past and laser-focused on the future. By employing these steps, you’ll have a much better experience transitioning into your new home, freeing up a little bit of time to celebrate a move well done.

If you have any questions regarding being prepared for your move-in day, be sure to contact us.

Enjoy Your Move,

– The Curb