Fourth of July Activities for Residents of Norwalk Apartments

4th of July Fireworks in Norwalk, CT

Fourth of July Activities for Residents of Norwalk Apartments

Independence Day is right around the corner and there are few better places to make the most of it than around Norwalk, CT. If you’re a resident of the Curb Apartments, this list of Fourth of July activities is the perfect way to celebrate your holiday. Not only will it start your day with a bang, but you’ll be able to keep the party going until the first firework hits the sky.

Let’s start with the headliner.


Rowayton Civic Association Fourth of July Fireworks

If you’ve lived in Norwalk for some time, then you’ve likely heard of this popular holiday event. Once the day is done, and the barbecue pits have cooled, stop on by Bayley Beach (11 Pine Point Rd) for a fireworks show that’s sure to blow your mind and fill your heart with patriotic pride. Enjoy the cool summer breeze as the night sky is adorned with the colors of our nation. Festivities start at 9 PM.


Calf Pasture Beach

Like most of us, you probably don’t want to wait until the evening hours to get your kicks and enjoy your holiday. Rather than ‘Netflix and Chill,’ why not spend a day in the sunshine, at Calf Pasture Beach? This famed Norwalk location not only boasts clean shores, gorgeous waters, and a variety of inclusive activities, but it even has its own island, sports fields, and picnic areas. Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family or flying solo, a day at Calf Pasture is the quintessential way to enjoy your summer. Trust us, you’ll be back before the next holiday.


Our House SoNo

Dubbed ‘The Best Dive Bar’ in Norwalk, Our House (112 Washington St.) specializes in serving craft quality drinks in a fun and exciting environment that lives up to its title. Not only do they have some of the best staff we’ve met but the evening will include games, giveaways, and entertainment all serenaded by one of the greatest DJs around. If you want to spice up your holiday, Our House is the perfect place to start. “It certainly isn’t your average watering hole.


Spigot Beer

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, then Spigot Beer (17 Washington St.) is the place for you. Located in the heart of SoNo, Spigot Beer is lauded for its vast selection of craft beers, knowledgeable staff, and friendly vibes. Stop by to wet your whistle before the fireworks, or just hangout in this gorgeous SoNo mainstay. (Did we mention that they have holiday drink specials?)


Deadlocked Escape Rooms

Parting ways from the obvious, Deadlocked Escape Rooms is an awesome way to spend an afternoon. Capitalizing on the boom in popularity, Deadlocked Escape Rooms offers a variety of packages that are guaranteed to entertain your guests and excite your mind until the main event begins. Just be sure to make a reservation. Otherwise, you may spend the holiday waiting in line.


The Fourth of July is a time for celebration, jubilation, and honest appreciation for all that we’ve accomplished together. No matter what your day becomes, always remember those who’ve celebrated in kind, united by the belief that our dreams and obligation to progress continue to empower us, as the greatest nation on earth. Don’t just celebrate for today. Celebrate for every day that has gone and the many more that are to come.


Happy Independence Day,

–   Your Friends at The Curb