Healthy Eating Options in Norwalk, CT

Healthy Eating Options in Norwalk, CT

We’re all guilty of the occasional cheat meal. From the near irresistible fast-food burger, to the endless wave of french fries and sweet desserts, it can seem impossible to fly the straight and narrow–to keep with our diet plan. Luckily, if you live in Norwalk CT, there are a great variety of healthy alternatives that are just as delicious and better for your waistline.


If you’ve just moved into our luxury apartments in Norwalk, CT, here’s a list of healthy eating options that won’t have you fretting your next physical.

Edibolic Kitchen

This gourmet meal prep service is renowned for their wide selection of healthy foods, weekly specials, and the particular care that they place into every bite you’ll take. With a mission of providing fast and easy meals to the health conscious individual, there are few better ways to maximize your diet and reach your health goals. Order today, for delicious meal prep delivery that’ll boost your energy and make you feel great whether you “live to eat or eat to live.”

The Lime Restaurant

Serving some of the finest natural food in the area, since 1979, The Lime Restaurant specializes in healthy alternatives, in addition to the standard restaurant fare. Boasting both a vegan and non-vegan menu, their options include seafood, salads, soups, and health-conscious spins on classic entrees. Stop by the Lime Restaurant for a taste of something new and nutritious. Their staff is also top-notch.

Maikana Foods

Maikana Foods was founded to fill the void between the health conscious individual and convenient, healthy, wholesome, and freshly made meals. Bored with the health-food stereotypes, they decided to take a risk with an all new (and ever-changing) menu of full-bodied, nutrition-focused, and delectable meals that anyone would be happy to have arrive at their door. With their mission clear, Maikana has fast become a favorite choice in healthy meal-prep delivery. Like the next entry on this list, they’re good because they keep it simple.

The Simple Greek

Simple Greek was founded by CNBC’s Marcus Lemonis, after being inspired by his hit reality television show, “The Profit.” With a strong focus on traditional ingredients and recipes, The Simple Greek stays true to a heritage of high-quality ingredients, open kitchens, and the fast-casual Greek atmosphere. In addition to a pleasantly interactive setting, you can’t go wrong with this fast growing (and quite popular) cultural cuisine. Eat fresh. Eat simple. Opa!

Savor Healthy Pizza

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, than Savor Healthy Pizza may be right for you. Not only is their dough handmade daily from natural and organic ingredients but Savor adheres to their own high standards by strictly providing healthy, multigrain, and grain-free pizzas, pasta-free entrees, salads, wraps, and a variety of other health conscious twists on some of your favorite Italian dishes. In addition, they only support environmentally-conscious vendors and local farmers. Try Savor Healthy Pizza today. You may not go back to the other guys.

Vedas Indian Cuisine

Serving traditional Indian cuisine since 2015, Vedas Indian Cuisine has grown a stellar reputation for serving some of the most innovative and exotic recipes in town. A favorite in the local community, Vedas thrives due to their strong emphasis on providing quality meals with only the best ingredients available. Not only is their dine-in atmosphere pleasantly one-of-a-kind but Vedas offers takeout and delivery via GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats.

Sugar and Olives

Sugar and Olives is a health food restaurant with a mission of educating diners and cultivating strong relationships between the farms and the families to whom the food is served. A smaller establishment, Sugar and Olives thrives on preparing and serving locally grown produce, livestock, and pasture raised meats. In addition, their strong relationships with local farmers allow for a high level of transparency, various clean food options, and an attention to detail that you won’t get at a drive-thru. They even offer cooking classes and private dining.

Naked Greens

If you’re looking to grab a ‘fresh perspective’ on healthy eating in Norwalk, CT look no further than Naked Greens. A proud supporter of local farms, Naked Greens approaches mealtime with an eco-friendly enthusiasm that not only results in a healthier planet but some of the most delicious and natural hormone free foods that you’ll find in town. Their commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. All of their paper products, bowls, and utensils are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. How’s that for “eating right”?

Oak and Almond

Acclaimed for their unique-method, using oak and almond wood to fuel their wood-burning oven and stove, Oak and Almond’s commitment to serving quality cuisine is based on the traditions of yesteryear. Their philosophy is to provide “…delicious handcrafted food, created with well-sourced seasonal ingredients, prepared simply and with respect.” Their dedication is apparent in their menu, boasting a wide selection of health-conscious and gluten free options, in addition to some wood burning classics. If you’re looking for something elegant, look no further.

Pontos Taverna

Another staple of Greek cuisine in Norwalk CT, Pontos Taverna is often referred to as the “Hidden Gem of Norwalk.” With a strong focus on authenticity, Pontos believes in providing quality food and great service. Their menu options span the vastness of classic and health-minded Greek cuisine, including a la carte, seafood, and grilled entrees. Just try not to over do it on the bread (it’s really good).


We hope that this list of healthy food options in Norwalk, CT, helps you to steer clear of the overly indulgent fast-food meals. Even if you decide to spoil yourself with a basket of fried food, you’ll always have these rich and mouthwatering alternatives to lead you away from the abyss of grease-belly and post-meal exhaustion.


Eat well. Live better. Rock on.





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