Dog-Friendly Places in Norwalk, CT

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Dog-Friendly Places in Norwalk, CT

If you and your dog have just moved into one of our luxury apartments in Norwalk, CT, than you’ve likely enjoyed our dog-friendly atmosphere–from the dog park, to the wash station, and maybe even some free treats now and then. We love your dogs almost as much as you do. That’s just how we do things.

However, no matter how much you’re enjoying our on-site amenities, it’s always good to venture out and introduce your little (or big) buddy to the wonderful variety of activities beyond our doors. Below, you’ll find a nifty list of fun, food, and fixtures that you and your mini-me can enjoy together, close to your new home.

Let’s start with a community favorite.

Burger Bar and Bistro
A well known and innovative restaurant, Burger Bar and Bistro specializes in serving quality burgers as well as traditional bar and pub favorites. Boasting a spacious dining area, outdoor seating, and a cozy atmosphere, Burger Bar and Bistro is celebrated for its flavorful dishes and a wide selection of food for both you and your pup. That’s right. You don’t have to share your meal. Burger Bar and Bistro boasts a speciality “Doggie Menu,” so that your fuzzy buddy can enjoy a favorite dish of their own.

Basso Cafe
Inspired by the Mediterranean European regions and a hint of South American flair, Basso Cafe is a dog-friendly boutique restaurant that boasts an inventive (and ever-evolving) menu, based around the heritage of Chef Renato Donzelli. With dishes that span from tapas, main courses, desserts, and come in artful presentations, Basso provides stellar food in a calm, authentic, and easy-going atmosphere, so that you and your little buddy can enjoy your meal without having to take it outside. The staff is friendly, the food is top-notch, and your behaved pet is more than welcome.

El Segundo
Global street food and graffiti come together under one roof to create an edgy and active cityscape complete with concrete roadway floors and industrial décor. A sister eatery to that of SoNo’s anchor restaurant, The Spread, El Segundo took everyone by surprise, offering a mash-up of cross cultural cuisine and quirky ornamentation. They’ve even got a place for your little buddy to sit.

Sunset Grille
Let the marina breeze take you over as the ocean serenades your outdoor meal. With options for both indoor and outdoor dining, this unique seafood experience is the perfect place to ‘wine and dine’ with your best little buddy. Whether you choose the deck or the outdoor canopy this jewel of Norwalk is unbeaten when it comes to dining in style.

Brendan’s 101
Brendan’s 101 offers classic pub fare and New England seafood in a historic location with dog-friendly patio seating. The menu features all-day breakfast, lobster rolls, burgers, BBQ pork sandwiches, fried jumbo shrimp, Cobb salads, and yummy desserts like coffee cake, banana bread, and double chocolate chip brownies. They even have free biscuit treats for any dog stopping by.

Taylor Farm by Calf Pasture Beach/Shady Beach
The park is a rolling expanse of roughly 4.5 acres of land across from Shady Beach Park in Norwalk. The land is split almost directly in half by a small copse of woods that separates the north and south sides. Both sides feature large, open areas for dogs to run and the south side has a tidal pool for water-loving dogs. The majority of dogs that visit are off leash and well behaved, and the park is well known for hosting a wide variety of dog breeds.

Cranbury Park
The park’s expansive 227 acres offers a series of wooded trails and a dog friendly environment in the orchard. This large open area, in the back of the property, has space for your dog to run off-leash, explore the trails, or even hike. In addition to that, they even have doggie bags and a water station for them too.

The Norwalk River Valley Trail
Having brought together 5 towns for one vision, the Norwalk River Valley Trail is over 30 miles of trail that connects Calf Pasture Beach, Connecticut to Danbury, Ridgefield, and Redding along the way. This handi-accessible trail is open to walkers, hikers, cyclists, families, and pets. Treat your pup to a day of adventure at the NRVT.
Oyster Shell Park
If you want to treat your dog to a great day out, you can do no wrong with Oyster Shell Park. Home to the picturesque Norwalk Harbor, this historic park is the place to take your puppy on a walk they’ll remember for a lifetime. Take the two classic trails or just let the day melt away in one of the most historic SoNo neighborhoods.

Heritage Trail
Yet another trail that your doggie is sure to love, Heritage Trail offers a riverside hike and great views of some local landmarks. Not only can you hike the trail but the path includes a bridge (crossing over Norwalk Harbor), gazebos, and a pier where you can enjoy mother nature’s sights and sounds. There’s even a parking lot nearby.

We hope that this list of dog-friendly places has been both informative and enjoyable. We love your pets. No matter what the day may bring, we’re always excited to welcome both of you home.


— Your Friends at The Curb

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