The Curb’s Guide to a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

The Curb’s Guide to a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone’s favorite food holiday is just around the corner. If you’re staying in Norwalk this year, maybe just having a few friends or your parents over, you’ll still want to bring your A-game to the table.

At The Curb, we’re all friends, and friends help each other out. We want to give you all the tips you need to pull off a flawless Thanksgiving meal in your apartment. From the best way to prep your turkey, to the ultimate Thanksgiving cocktails, stick with us and the only complaints anyone will have is that there’s not more food.

The Drinks

This year, we give thanks for delicious cocktails shared with family and friends. You can wow your guests with your entertaining skills, creativity, and foresight, and they’ll never have to know you got your cocktail menu from an apartment community’s blog. Here’s a roundup of our favorite holiday tipples:

  • A cold-weather classic, good mulled wine will never let you down and will be a welcome sight for guests coming in from the cold.
  • Simple, easy, delicious, batchable: make a big pitcher of gin & tonic or martini.
  • What wine pairs best with turkey? Fizzy, zippy, trendy lambrusco.
  • To everyone still dreaming of warm weather, we see you.

Zero-proof doesn’t have to mean zero fun. Providing some interesting and tasty non-alcoholic drinks is a smart, considerate move that will give everyone more beverage options and help ensure no one feels pressured to drink if they don’t want to.

  • Cold. Brew. Cider. Sounds good to us!
  • Of course there’s an emoji cocktail.
  • A bright and fresh tonic packed with citrus, mint, and cucumber.
  • Literally any of these. Spin a wheel and pick one.
  • No link for this one, but we love a big glass of bubbly water, bitters, and citrus with loads of ice. Simple and perfect.
The Bird

Pro tip: break the bird down before you cook it. Sounds weird but trust us. Chances are that if you’re cooking for a group, you’re going to need a pretty big bird, and that can take a long time in the oven and leave you with an unevenly cooked centerpiece. By breaking your turkey down into separate parts—breasts, legs, thighs, and wings—you can better control the cook time of both the white and dark meat, which cook at different rates.

  • This spicy-sweet, glazy turkey ain’t your average bird, and it’s sure to impress even the loudest anti-turkey guest at the table.
  • Sometimes simpler is better. Why mess with success when you can make a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with just salt, pepper, and aromatic dry herbs?
  • For those who like it hot, kick that turkey up a notch this year with a spicy cajun or jerk rub.
  • Hang on to your bones! Use the leftover bits of turkey to make a delicious Thanksgiving soup!
The Sides

Turkey may be the star of the show, but a Thanksgiving production is only as good as its supporting cast (and secretly, we all know the sides are the best part anyway). We all have our childhood favorites that remind us of home, but this is your Thanksgiving, so take this opportunity to show off and upgrade your family faves (no disrespect to Grandma).

The Desserts

If you’ve managed to stay awake this long, through the turkey and potatoes and stuffing and cocktails, you’ve earned your reward. Fight the tryptophan off for just a little longer and dig in to the good stuff. We hope you saved some room.

The Extras

Roasts, dips, apps, things of that nature—all the good stuff that couldn’t quite fit into its own category.

  • Maybe you think turkey’s played out. That’s fine, we won’t judge. Make this glazed ham in your slow-cooker that requires little fuss and delivers all the flavor.
  • Roasted veggies are a quick and easy way to get some health food onto the menu and work as the perfect pre-meal snack for you and your guests.
  • Add a delicious dip to go with them!
  • This is so, so important—the kind of advice people are good at giving but not following, but trust us—when your guests offer to help with food prep or dishes or place-setting, let them help you. Thanksgiving is a communal affair that’s more fun when everyone plays a part, no matter how small.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your friends at The Curb

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