The Curb – How to start the New Year

The Curb – How to start the New Year

Refresh Your Apartment Decor for the New Year

The holidays have come and gone once again, and the festive decor has been put away for another 11 months. Because of that, your apartment may feel that it is lacking in excitement, or feel slightly empty by comparison. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel brand new without breaking the bank or taking up too much time – especially as our wallets and calendars are recovering post-holidays. As well, living in a rental requires less permanent methods of redecoration, so these tips keep that in mind.

Changing up your living environment, even in small ways, can have benefits on your physical and mental health. People also tend to spend more time at home at the beginning of the calendar year. Our homes are where we go to recharge and reset, and if you’re not excited about what you walk in to each day, we have some tips to help make your apartment someplace that you actually look forward to spending time.

Purchase some cold-weather indoor plants

There are plenty of plants that you can bring into your apartment during the winter months that are low maintenance, don’t necessarily require a lot of sunlight, and can thrive even if you don’t possess a green thumb. For example, ZZ plants are ideal for low-light areas as they thrive in darkness and actually do best when they are kept very dry. Terrariums are great because they add a decorative element, as well as providing protection and humidity retention for the plant inside. Succulents and snake plants are two more options for plants that are perfect for dry environments and infrequent watering – in fact, succulents may not need watering at all during the cold months if they are left near a window where temperatures are lower. There are local garden centers and nurseries in Norwalk that you can purchase these kinds of indoor plants year-round.

Use aromatherapy to your advantage

Scent has an important effect on one’s level of comfort and relaxation. Essential oil diffusers are great because they can be left on overnight, plus they act as a humidifier which is beneficial for skin dryness, which is more common in winter due to heat and illness. A fabric or bedding spray is also an effective way to quickly bring a relaxing and fresh scent to your bed or couch. As far as what kind of scent, that’s entirely up to one’s personal preference – although certain scents are suggested to have specific benefits. Lavender is the most popular “relaxing” scent, but eucalyptus, jasmine, and sandalwood have also been proven to help relaxation. If you’re using a diffuser during the day, a citrus or peppermint oil can help energize and invigorate a room. You can purchase an inexpensive diffuser at your local home decor store or even somewhere like CVS.

Overhaul your organization systems

It’s worth examining your organization systems at home every couple of months, as the inventory of what you own can call for your organization systems to change. Simply taking an afternoon to clean out a closet or drawers, while tossing things you no longer need and taking inventory of things that you need and don’t have, is a good way to refresh and make things feel clean. Even if you end up getting rid of nothing, wiping down a drawer or rearranging your clothes in your closet can instantly feel like an improvement at zero cost.

Give your coffee table a fresh setup

One of the focal points of a living room is usually the coffee table. By simply changing the way your coffee table looks, it can give an overall fresh look to the room. Depending on what you usually keep on your coffee table as decor, consider changing it up with some new coasters, different coffee table books, a decorative bowl or mat. Visit the Norwalk Home Goods to browse their different decor at reasonable prices.

Experiment with different lighting

Lighting has a major influence on the mood and ambiance of a room. It is also a choice specifically based on the function of the space – most likely, you would not want the same bright lights that you use in your kitchen to be in your bedroom. Switch up your lighting to make your space feel different – whether that’s moving your existing lighting fixtures and lamps around to different spots, or buying new lighting. Or get creative with string lighting, lanterns, or unique art that also doubles as lighting that you can purchase from an Etsy shop. Smaller, movable light fixtures are ideal for rental space and can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room.

These are just a few ways to breathe some life into your apartment for the new year – however, there are endless ideas that you can find based on your specific tastes on Pinterest and various home decor publications like Real Simple and Better Homes & Gardens. No matter how much we love our home space, it always helps to switch things up once in a while and keep it interesting. It’s worth it to get into the habit of taking a look around at the beginning of each new season and seeing where you can implement new ideas into your home, so that you always remain inspired and satisfied by your space.

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