Tips to Stay Busy at Home

Tips to Stay Busy at Home

Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t be productive and use this time of social distancing to stay busy. Sure, you can binge watch all those shows you’ve been itching to catch up on, but you can also find many activities to keep you busy and calm as we focus on staying healthy.

You can start by conquering your spring cleaning in an eco-friendly way. Get clean and go green! First thing you can do is declutter and donate things you don’t need. Another option is to transfer some of that clutter to The Curb’s storage units, which you have access to. It’s a great way to open up some space in your apartment, without giving anything away. Whether you subscribe to the KonMari Method or just want to go for a little more minimalism in your life, finding things that you don’t use and giving them to places like Salvation Army or list it on apps like LetGo. Decluttering and donating is good for your home, peace of mind and is eco-friendly.

As you declutter, get creative and reuse and recycle things you find around your apartment as you do your spring cleaning. Instead of tossing an old toothbrush, you can use it to help clean small corners. An old sock can be used for dusting and an old towel can be used as part of your swiffer mop. Get crafty — broken crayons can be made into candles and scraps of paper and old mail can become art projects. Reuse old mint tins as mini first aid kits or mini sewing kits.

The gyms might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. If you’ve been meaning to join a gym, now might be the time to start getting in shape. Staying active is essential for your health, so find a work out video online and get moving. Yoga is a great exercise to keep you calm and healthy. Lowering your stress and exercising is great for strengthening your immune system!

Start your morning routine as you usually would. Get up, shower, get dressed and try to keep a normal schedule so you remain productive and focused. Keeping a schedule helps a lot of people avoid depression and can help keep you positive and productive.

Now is the time to read that book you have been meaning to mean. Your brain will feel nourished and you will feel accomplished. Text friends for recommendations or go on websites like Goodreads to find books that might inspire you and pass the time.

We might be practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some fresh air. Make sure to get as much sunlight as you can. Open the blinds, take a short walk or even go up to the roof, if you have access. If you can’t go into nature as much as you like, get a houseplant to bring some nature into your apartment. It will help freshen the air and freshen your place!

Spread out your chores so you focus on one a day and really do it well. This will lend structure to your day. Once those chores are done, pick up a hobby you’ve been meaning to take on. Is it knitting? Or scrapbooking? Do you want to try your hand at learning a new language? How about trying that recipe you’ve been meaning to try that takes up a lot of time? Now’s your chance to dive in.

After spring cleaning your apartment, don’t forget about your pets! The Curb offers a pet wash in the building. Take advantage of this great feature. It’s another way you can stay busy and take care of business from your home. Man’s best friend doesn’t have to be a mess in this time of social distancing. The Curb can help with that!

Most importantly, stay calm and know that this is just a phase that will not last forever. If you are stuck at home more than usual, make the best of it with some of these tips.

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