Springtime Projects To Bring Life Into Your Apartment

Springtime Projects To Bring Life Into Your Apartment

With most of the country under stay-at-home orders, our apartments have become our sanctuaries. Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal and you can carry that theme out at home. We might be stuck at home, but we don’t have to be stuck in our design. Below are some small and doable projects you can do to redecorate or refresh your apartment during these different times.

Perspective is something very important these days. Little things, like rearranging things in your home can breathe new life into your space and give you a whole new perspective on your apartment. Try a new furniture layout! Move your couch to a different wall, switch area rugs, or bring out pillows or blankets you’ve had in storage. We’ve been in our apartments for extended periods of time — it’s good to switch it up. Look at your bookshelf and rearrange it. Try organizing by color for a fun look. Bring out those fancy dishes and use them everyday! Set a beautiful table with your best dishes to add some drama and flair to your space.

Tackle your walls for some spring decorating. Look at all your paintings and pictures and make sure they are hanging straight. If you have empty frames lying around, make use of them! Add photos or prints to those frames or swap out old photos already framed throughout the space.

Touch up any paint around the apartment. If you want to make a more drastic change on the walls, choose an accent wall and paint it a lively color. You can also experiment with removable wallpaper to upgrade the vibe of your space. Get creative with command wall hooks. Use a couple to hang scarfs or hats and create a trendy & cool wall installation from your fav accessories.

An easy, uplifting way to redecorate your apartment for spring is to embrace all the beautiful plants and flowers that are coming into season. Whether your taste is succulents, orchids or tulips, plants really wake up an apartment and bring life. Start a herb garden by a window and have fresh basil and rosemary for those at home meals.

Since we are spending so much time at home, now is a good time to refresh your bedroom. Try hanging a tapestry over the bed in lieu of a headboard to bring some color and vibrancy. Update your area rug and perhaps invest in a new comforter. To add some different lighting to your bedroom you can look for beautiful plug-in sconces. You can’t rewire lighting in your rental, but you can invest in plug-in sconces to add a different design. Try your hand at a DIY washi tape project in your room. You can create a geometric pattern on your wall or even write out a favorite quote or poem on the wall. It’s low cost and easy to change.

There are really so many small projects you can do at an affordable price that will refresh your apartment and bring in the spring as we stay at home.

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