Spring Adventure in North Seven

Spring Adventure in North Seven

As the sun peeks above the horizon, we find ourselves rolling out of bed to enjoy another beautiful day in Norwalk, Connecticut. What will the day hold for us? With the Merritt 7 nearby and a Metro-North Train Station, the world is our oyster! But we’ll skip commuting anywhere by train today and stay in our local community. Get dressed, grab your keys, and join us for a vibrant, fun-filled day in North Seven!

It’s all about leisure and fun activities in North Seven, and this morning we are taking our sweet time. First things first, food and caffeine are needed- stat! Luckily, The Dilly Duck down the street delivers delicious and hearty breakfast foods. We’ll take one Bravas Fries and a Roasted Chai Tea Latte, please!

After filling up on crispy pork, potatoes, and sweet onion bacon aioli, it’s time to walk it off. Grab your pup and let’s hit the Norwalk River Valley Trail. Starting in Calf Pasture Beach and ending at Deering Pond, this 5-mile on and off-road trail hike provides the best nature walk in Norwalk.

Our four-legged buddy loved the NRVT Trail but now they need to zoom around off-leash. The Curb Apartments’ Dog Park is a great environment for puppy playtime and socializing. It’s fenced-in and provides agility equipment, so you can train your pup to be the best in show! North Seven has tons of great spots for all the dog residents in the community!

Your pooch is tuckered out and ready to return home. After dropping them off for their midday nap, it’s time to continue our North Seven journey. Next stop? The Maritime Aquarium! Observe cute romping otters, strangely beautiful jellyfish, and take a “sealfie” with their harbor seals. Don’t forget to stop by the Shark Tank and check out their pearly whites!

Suddenly, our stomach is grumbling, and we need something to quench our thirst A.S.A.P. We know just the place. The Yard House at The SoNo Collection has the world’s largest selection of draft beer with 130 taps and over 100 American-style dishes made from scratch. A cool bar with wings and beer? Count us in.

Your phone is buzzing off the hook and a few friends are getting together to bowl at Pinstripes. What a coincidence that we’re only a few levels down. Ride the elevator to the top floor of the SoNo Collection, lace up your bowling shoes, look your rival in the eye, and strike out!

It was a close game, but we’re walking away as winners. The whole gang has decided to make the most of this beautiful day and head to Cranbury Park for some downtime before dinner. The Park has over 227 acres of wooded trails, orchards, and fields. We’ll set up a blanket in the orchard to enjoy the great weather and company.

The sun is beginning to set and that’s our cue to head to dinner. We’ve made reservations for the evening at Oak + Almond, a farm-to-table New American restaurant with woodfire-infused cuisine. We order a round of appetizers and a bottle of wine for the table. As for entrees, maybe the Linguini and Clams or Braised Short Rib. Wait, did we just hear Scallops and Mushroom Risotto for tonight’s special?

Even though dinner has ended, our night has just begun! The sun has dipped past the horizon and the moon is high in the sky. Everyone heads back to The Curb Apartments for a late-night hangout session by the fire pits. Luckily, we’ve got more than enough S’mores to share!

As the night cools down, it’s still the perfect temperature to sit outside with friends and enjoy the warmth of the fire pits. The night ends with lots of laughter, we’ve had a day with tons of activities making happy memories to last a lifetime. At North Seven, it’s so easy to Live, Work, and Play all day long.

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