If you and your dog have just moved into one of our luxury apartments in Norwalk, CT, than you’ve likely enjoyed our dog-friendly atmosphere--from the dog park, to the wash station, and maybe even some free treats now and then. We love your dogs almost as much as you do. That’s just how we do things. However, no matter how much you’re enjoying our on-site amenities, it’s always good to venture out and introduce your little (or big) buddy to the wonderful variety of activities beyond our doors. Below, you’ll find a nifty list of fun, food, and fixtures that you

We’re all guilty of the occasional cheat meal. From the near irresistible fast-food burger, to the endless wave of french fries and sweet desserts, it can seem impossible to fly the straight and narrow--to keep with our diet plan. Luckily, if you live in Norwalk CT, there are a great variety of healthy alternatives that are just as delicious and better for your waistline.   If you’ve just moved into our luxury apartments in Norwalk, CT, here’s a list of healthy eating options that won’t have you fretting your next physical. Edibolic Kitchen This gourmet meal prep service is renowned for their wide selection